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How to get metrics intfPfcClassCounter with ocprometheus

Hi Everyone We’re trying to graph differents metrics with prometheus and grafana. We intalled ocprometheus on the switches etc… No issues on the basic steps. But we’re going to perform some tests with pfc and it would be great to get the counter intfPfcClassCounter it gives a per interface count of pfc frames but mostly it seems to be per class too. here’s an example of output via rest : [user@device ~]$ curl localhost:6060/rest/Smash/counters/ethIntf/StrataCounters/current { "counter": { "Ethernet1/1": { "counterRefreshTime": 0, "ethStatistics": { "alignmentErrors": 0, "carrierSenseErrors": 0, "deferredTransmissions": 0, "excessiveCollisions": 0, "fcsErrors": 0, "fragments": 0, "frameTooLongs": 0, "frameTooShorts": 0, "in1024To1522OctetFrames":...
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Setting metric on static routes and Eos SDK support

Description This feature introduces a metric for static routes so that the user can configure both administrative distance and metric for a static route. Administrative distance precedes metric when comparing configured routes. Lower metric route will win among routes with the same administrative distance. Winning routes will be programmed to hardware and shown in “show ip route”. It can be configured by CLI or through EosSdk. One use case of static route metric is to impact BGP best path selection. Route Arbitration case 1 — route with lower admin distance wins ip route 10 metric 100   (win)...
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BGP METRIC attribute

Hi, I was trying to find out how do I configure Metric BGP attribute? I look all over the Arista commands and could not figure it out. Thank you   Victor


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