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Understanding and Interpreting SNMP outputs for switch entities

This article provides an overview on how to interpret the values returned by SNMP on polling certain MIB objects related to physical entities such as sensor values of different components from a switch. Overview of Entity MIBS To provide a quick overview, Arista supports the following standard MIBs:  ENTITY-MIB (RFC4133) ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB (RFC4268) ENTITY-STATE-MIB (RFC3433) ..and also a proprietary MIB: ARISTA-ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB ENTITY-MIB describes a set of MIB objects that can be used to poll information regarding physical entities in a networking equipment such as entity name, class (if the unit is a sensor, module, fan, power supply, container etc), hardware /...
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SNMP MIB for nexthop-group counters

Nexthop-groups is an existing feature which allows users to manually configure a set of tunnels with nexthops. Nexthop-group counters provide the ability to count packets and bytes associated with such tunnels. With SNMP MIB support, users can use SNMP to query the nexthop-groups present in the system, and the counters for each entry in a nexthop-group. Platform compatibility DCS-7500E DCS-7280E DCS-7500R DCS-7280R Configuration The SNMP agent can be enabled when the first community is created. Arista(config)#snmp-server community public Nexthop-group entries can be counted only when the nexthop hardware counter feature is configured. 7500R(config)#hardware counter feature nexthop Status 7500R(config)#show snmp mib...
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Severity level of alarm

Could you please provide the information at below for me? 1. All alarm list with severity level ? 2. These OID for SNMP Walk       2.1      Temperature       2.2      Power supply     2.3      FAN status,speed(rpm)     2.4      Interface status     2.5      CPU usage     2.6      Memory Usage     2.7      MAC address table     2.8      Optical Module     2.9      Tx / Rx power     2.10    CRC error on interface     2.11     Port speed     2.12    Half / Full duplex mode on interface    thank you  for...
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Need MIB file on Arista 7504

In our project need to integrate Arista 7504 switch with HP Openview for monitoring, so it required all mib file on arista 7504. Please provide all mib file in arista.

vEOS 4.13.8M SNMP value for ::hrStorageSize

Our monitoring team alerted me to a potential issue with the vEOS SNMP Agent responding with incorrect data for hrStorageSize, at least on Core Used Memory:   The ‘hrStorageSize’ OID appears to be incorrect. The total size of the disk/memory is calculated by hrStorageSize * hrStorageAllocationUnits. Here are the values for this device: HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageSize.8 = INTEGER: 50847 HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageAllocationUnits.8 = INTEGER: 4096 Bytes HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrStorageUsed.8 = INTEGER: 50847 Unfortunately, hrStorageSize and hrStorageUsed are the same value. This indicates that the storage object is completely saturated, even though generating a report for Bits only shows correct data (which is calculated by hrStorageUsed *...
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