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CVP telemetry data to external NMS

Hi I’m looking for an option to forward telemetry data collected in CVP to my external system (for further analysis) I found similar question from 2019 (https://eos.arista.com/forum/forwarding-telemetry-data-from-cvp-to-external-system/) but the link to github in response doesn’t work. Generally I want to monitor Arista devices parameters in my monitoring system – I really wan’t to avoid define thresholds/alarms/notification in monitoring system and CVP – I would like to aggregate all information in one place. The simplest would be to enable snmp on devices and query each one from NMS but that’s “not the best solution” since I’m using telemetry – any other...
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Reachability Health Checks

  1) Introduction 1.1) does_it_live.py This article describes a script called does_it_live, used to monitor the health of network targets, by testing IP reachability (by ICMP) and name resolution (by DNS). While some people might understand the Python code and find it self-explanatory and well documented, this articles aims at making the use of the script more accessible without digging into reading the script itself.   1.2) Purpose Ping is commonly used for manual health check across a network, and in particular from a network device itself to have a good picture of a network health from its perspective. Obviously...
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Monitoring EOS with tcollector and OpenTSDB

EOS is a Linux distribution (based on Fedora), which means, among other things, that it can be monitored like any Linux server running Fedora.  In this post we show how to package a popular open-source monitoring framework, tcollector, as an EOS extension. A bit of history OpenTSDB is a distributed time series database used for infrastructure monitoring in many medium to large scale environments.  It uses a push model, meaning that OpenTSDB is not responsible for pulling monitoring from a set list of targets to monitor, rather the targets themselves are responsible for pushing their monitoring data to OpenTSDB, be...
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Introduction to Managing EOS Devices

Summary   Several mechanisms exist to manage and instrument Arista Networks’ devices, ranging from industry standard SNMP counters to more Arista EOS/platform-centric functionality and deep debugging capabilities. The following articles introduce some fundamental management activities:   Setting up Management Monitoring Troubleshooting Platform Specific Monitoring and Troubleshooting Automation and Extensibility Annex A – Configuration Example Annex B – EOS Tips for Power Users   This document serves to highlight the basic parameters required to automate monitoring of an Arista EOS based device, while providing a high level overview of additional, more advanced functionality for low level troubleshooting and application specific monitoring. Many of the topics...
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tcpdump doesn’t show traffic

I have tried tcpdump from both the regular eos cli and also from inside the bash shell.  In both cases, the only traffic I can see is the traffic generated by the switch itself (mostly Rapid STP packets), even though there is a pile of traffic going through the port.  I’m running a 7048T-A with firmware  I’m seeing this same behaviour with both access and trunk ports. Is there any setting I need to enable so that tcpdump will actually show traffic?   Thx


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