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Openstack multi-region problem with CVX

Hi! I have a problem with intergration multi-region Openstack and CVX. Opestack has two region: Miami and Moscow. Configuration neutron plugin region Moscow controller nodes: [ml2_arista] eapi_username=admin eapi_password=Fhpfvfc16 eapi_host = region_name = Moscow use_fqdn = true Configuration CVX in region Moscow: MSK-CVX(config-cvx-openstack-Moscow)#show running-config section cvx ! device: MSK-CVX (vEOS, EOS- ! cvx no shutdown source-interface Management1 ! service openstack no shutdown authentication role admin name-resolution interval 10 ! region Moscow username arista_cvx_msk tenant service password 0 password keystone auth-url provision sync mandatory   Openstack endpoint list: +——–+————–+————–+———+———–+————————————————–+ | Region | Service Name | Service Type | Enabled |...
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