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Cannot connect by restconf api from outside

Hi! I configured netconf and it’s working, but now i want to configure restconf. To do this I was following this release note: https://eos.arista.com/openconfig-4-20-2-1f-release-notes/ but after that it works only from switch. (I can’t do requests from outside like in netconf). I have tried to add ACL but it didn’t help. I have no idea why in netstat restconf appears in tcp6. I’m working on vEOS on VirtualBox

Netconf through pyeapi or ncclient is not working

Netconf through pyeapi or ncclient is not working Device has following configuration: management api netconf transport ssh def ! management api restconf transport https def1 ! can you please guide us, how to communicate with arista eos devices with netconf and also is there any way we can directly try out netconf operations like junos or cisco. Your help is much appreciated..Thanks in advance. Regards, Rajesh Reddy


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