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Troubleshooting RADIUS Authentication/Authorization Issues

Introduction Arista Access Points offer several authentication methods for client connectivity, including the use of external authentication servers to support WPA2-Enterprise. This article outlines Dashboard configuration to use a RADIUS server for WPA2-Enterprise authentication, RADIUS server requirements and basic troubleshooting of RADIUS authentication. Prerequisites All Arista APs must be added as RADIUS clients on the RADIUS server. It is recommended that a static IP assignment or a DHCP fixed IP assignment should be used on the APs. Corresponding user authentication policies must be in place on the RADIUS server. Feature Description WPA2-Enterprise with 802.1x authentication can be used to authenticate...
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How to Configure and Assign User Access Roles via RADIUS / NPS

Introduction This article describes how to authenticate users and assign different access roles via RADIUS server (NPS) integration with on-premises Wireless Manager. Prerequisites Administrative access to on-premises Wireless Manager. RADIUS server with Administrator privileges Configured correct shared secret and RADIUS client on the RADIUS server Solution Configure ‘Superuser’ Access Role Log in to NPS with Administrator credentials. Under NPS expand Policies and click Network Policies folder. On the Overview tab, enter the appropriate information. Go to Conditions tab, add Windows Domain Admin group. Go to Constraints tab and enable Authentication Method (PAP) as Wireless Manager communicates with the RADIUS server...
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