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Openstack multi-region problem with CVX

Hi! I have a problem with intergration multi-region Openstack and CVX. Opestack has two region: Miami and Moscow. Configuration neutron plugin region Moscow controller nodes: [ml2_arista] eapi_username=admin eapi_password=Fhpfvfc16 eapi_host = region_name = Moscow use_fqdn = true Configuration CVX in region Moscow: MSK-CVX(config-cvx-openstack-Moscow)#show running-config section cvx ! device: MSK-CVX (vEOS, EOS- ! cvx no shutdown source-interface Management1 ! service openstack no shutdown authentication role admin name-resolution interval 10 ! region Moscow username arista_cvx_msk tenant service password 0 password keystone auth-url provision sync mandatory   Openstack endpoint list: +——–+————–+————–+———+———–+————————————————–+ | Region | Service Name | Service Type | Enabled |...
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EVPN VxLAN control plane support for OpenStack

Description This feature enables support for an EVPN VxLAN control plane in conjunction with Arista’s OpenStack ML2 plugin for automated network provisioning. When utilizing this feature: VCS (Vxlan Controller Service) on CVX (CloudVision eXchange) will be responsible for dynamically provisioning VLAN to VNI mappings on switches based on OpenStack configuration The OpenStack service on CVX will be responsible for dynamically provisioning VLANs and allowing them on applicable trunk switchports on switches EVPN will be responsible for distributing and configuring flood lists based on  EVPN type 3 IMET routes and host reachability based on type 2 MAC-IP routes This feature is...
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LACP Fallback and PXE/Provisioning in Openstack

As shown in the diagram above, we have a Server which needs to PXE to fetch its Kernel/RAM Disk/etc via Provisioning vlan (205). The server is dual homed to LeafA and LeafB which are in MLAG. Use Case: We don’t want to waste a dedicated NIC on the Server, on the Switch and cabling just for PXE boot. We would like to leverage an LACP bond used for other Openstack VLANs (e.g. internal API, Storage, Storage-mgmt, etc) for PXE/Provisioning too. Problem: LACP is configured on the 2 Leaf switches, but the server doesn’t even have an OS to form the...
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Openstack ML2 driver does not create HA network

We’re deploying Openstack Neutron (based on Redhat Openstack Platform 10) with arista switches. In this pass we’re only using the Layer 2 driver, allowing Neutron to take care of the L3. With this configuration neutron creates a network for the routers to communicate VRRP over, we see this being created on our CVX controller, but as the network never gets any ports associated with it so CVX does not communicate this to the physical switches. This means that the neutron routers go “split brain” as they have no l2 connection between them. I’ve got a case open with support about...
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OpenStack Enhancements

This release introduces enhancements to the CloudVision eXchange and OpenStack integration. The following features were added as part of this release: OpenStack Ironic Integration OpenStack Keystone v3 support OpenStack DVR support OpenStack Ironic Integration Through OpenStack Ironic integration with Neutron, it is possible to provision bare metal servers that are attached to Arista switches and connect them to tenant networks. All of the features that Arista supports for provisioning networks for VMs is extended to bare metal servers. This includes automatic VLAN-to-VNI mapping and Hierarchical Port Binding. Security groups can be applied as ACLs on switch interfaces connected to bare...
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Can’t load Arista ML2 driver in Openstack?

Hi Guys, I’m trying to integrate Arista ML2 driver with Openstack (installed with packstack). It was giving me error like the below when I restart the neutron-server service. I followed “Arista Openstack Deployment Guide” for enabling the services. List of config can be found in attachment. Any clue what is causing this error & how to resolve it? tail -f /var/log/neutron/server.log 2017-03-11 23:53:03.431 6438 INFO neutron.plugins.ml2.managers [-] Configured mechanism driver names: [‘openvswitch’, ‘arista’]2017-03-11 23:53:03.536 6438 ERROR stevedore.extension [-] Could not load ‘arista’: cannot import name context2017-03-11 23:53:03.537 6438 WARNING stevedore.named [-] Could not load arista ###################### [root@controller-1 neutron]# tail -f...
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OpenStack Arista L3 Plugin – SSL Error [ SSL: Certificate Verify Failed]

Hi everyone, I’m trying to install Arista L3 plugin to work with OpenStack Newton. So far everything work great with all the authentication completed, VLAN network created and show normally on the CVX. CVX management between the Switch and CVX is established  However I got stuck when create a router, using the either CLI and Horizon for any tenants.  The error in short:  ERROR networking_arista.l3Plugin.arista_l3_driver SSLError: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:590) Full version: http://pastebin.com/nc7LHHpY I think it somehow get stopped at SSL verification. I have tried to use the physical EOS Switch and vEOS, but yield same error.  I have doubled...
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Running vEOS in Openstack

I’m trying to setup a vEOS lab environment in our internal Openstack infrastructure.  This is what I’ve done so far:- Uploaded the ABOOT image (Aboot-veos-8.0.0.iso) & the VMDK (EOS-4.18.0.vmdk) to Glance. Create a volume based on the VMDK Launch an instance from the ABOOT image with the Volume mapped to the instance:- nova boot –flavor m1.small \                 –image <aboot image ID> \                 –nic net-id=<Neutron Net ID> \                –block-device id=<Volume ID>,source=volume,device=hdb,dest=volume,shutdown=preserve \                veos-test-01 However, the instance hangs after loading the initrd & doesn’t run aboot. Has anyone tried this / had this working?

Arista OpenStack Deployment Guide

Hi Guys, I am exploring how to integration openstack with Arista Reading this page.  https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Arista-neutron-ml2-driver It mentioned “Arista OpenStack Deployment Guide” a few times Where can I get this document? Regards Arthur  


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