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How to Enable Automatic Packet Capture

Introduction CloudVision Wi-Fi can automatically capture packet traces when an AP detects a connectivity failure. The captured packet traces can be accessed and downloaded from the CloudVision Wi-Fi GUI under Connection Logs. Use case This feature is useful for troubleshooting random client connectivity issues that last for a short duration and hence make it difficult for the administrator to capture the trace. For example incorrect password, DHCP and DNS issues Prerequisites Administrator or higher access to CloudVision Wi-Fi/Wireless Manager. Solution On CloudVision Wi-Fi, navigate to Troubleshoot > Packet trace > Auto Packet Trace Click on Auto Packet Trace and select...
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How to Capture Wireless Packets on a Client Using Microsoft Network Monitor

Introduction This article explains how to capture wireless packets on a Client with the use of Microsoft Network Monitor (NetMon). It is possible to perform a troubleshooting packet capture from an Arista AP via CloudVision Wi-Fi/Wireless Manager. However, if this is not possible for any reason, you can capture packets on the Client itself by using NetMon. To install this software, visit https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/4865. (This has been archived by Microsoft but still is available. You can also use the Microsoft Message Analyzer for updated parser support) WireShark Limitation Capturing WLAN traffic on Windows requires WinPcap and depends on the underlying network...
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How to Collect Wired and Wireless Traces Using CloudVision Wi-Fi

Introduction This article describes how to collect wired and wireless packet traces for troubleshooting, from CloudVision Wi-Fi or Wireless Manager and stream to a laptop (wireless trace) or upload to Wireless Manager (wireless and wired traces). Prerequisites Administrator privileges on CloudVision Wi-Fi (CVW) and Wireless Manager (WM). Solution Collect a Wired or Wireless Trace via CVW Log in to CVW and navigate to Monitor > Wi-Fi > Access Points. Select the device and click the Troubleshooting > Capture Packet Trace option on the toolbar. Enter the following information to collect both wireless and wired traces. Duration of packet trace: Specify...
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How to Collect Wired Packet Capture from an Arista AP via SSH

Introduction This article describes how to collect a wired packet capture via the Ethernet interface of an Arista Access Point. Prerequisites config shell CLI access to the Arista AP Solution Open an SSH client and log in to the Arista AP config CLI. Execute the following command to enable the webserver on the device: webserver start This is required so that the packet capture can be downloaded from the AP using HTTP. Execute the following command to begin the capture: get wired trace Select the interface. NOTE: Not all APs support the eth1 interface to collect traces. After the capture...
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