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Reversing The Airflow of a Running Switch

Occasionally customers have a switch in production that they need to change the airflow direction of e.g. from a front-to-rear (-F) to a rear-to-front (-R), or vice-versa, without shutting down the switch. The following procedure outlines the steps to follow in order to accomplish this. This procedure assumes that you already have the replacement fans and PSUs on hand and are ready to perform the swap. Start with the switch powered up, both power supplies powered and providing power to the switch. Gain access to the switch’s serial console to check status and run CLI commands as need be. Add...
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Understanding CPU Utilization

Introduction This article explains the different values from the CPU utilization output, down to the per-thread CPU usage on an Arista EOS. To this aim, we will cover the topics in different sections, as follows: How to view the CPU usage Understanding CPU Usage – Row 1 Understanding CPU Usage – Row 2 Understanding CPU Usage – Row 3 Understanding CPU Usage – Row 4 Understanding CPU Usage – Row 5 How to view CPU usage on a multi core switch? Understanding CPU Processes     1) How to view the CPU usage To view the CPU usage, use the...
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Troubleshooting High CPU Utilization

Introduction   This article aims at helping you define what is CPU load on an Arista switch, how to know when it has a high load, and help troubleshoot high CPU utilization. We will cover different topics related to High CPU utilization: How do I identify if my switch has a high CPU? What is considered normal CPU¬†% utilization? What is example of a High CPU utilization? How to identify average load on an Arista switch? What is the difference between CPU load average and CPU utilization How to interpret the load numbers? Can the load average be greater than...
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