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Tap Aggregation PTP Sync & Transparent Clock (TC) PTP Multicast Configuration

 Description This article covers the configuration required to run the PTP TC with multicast transport environment, and Tap Aggregation DUT time sync with PTP GM. Platform Compatibility DCS-7020 DCS-7280SE/ DCS-7500E DCS-7280R/RX DCS-7500R/RX DCS-7150 DCS-7050X/XX DCS-7060X/XX Topology Diagrams     Configuration In this PTP implementation example, the NY1 will act as BC and NY4 as GM. Both are configured as PTP BC clocks but NY4 due to its lower Priority1 value will win the BCMA election and becomes the master. The NY2 and NY3 are configured as E2E TC clocks and will require PIM to forward the PTP messages generated by...
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VLAN Aware PTP Boundary Clock – Single BMCA

Description This feature makes the PTP agent aware of VLANs, running with a single Best Master Clock Algorithm (BMCA). It allows you to enable PTP on certain VLANs on a trunk port, on which PTP packets will be sent and processed. By default, enabling PTP on a trunk port will follow the previous behaviour, which is to only egress PTP packets VLAN untagged on the native VLAN and process ingress PTP packets regardless of their VLAN tag. With this feature, PTP states are now per-port per-VLAN pair and ingress/egress PTP packets on a trunk port is based on the VLAN...
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Forwarding Unicast PTP Packets in Boundary Mode

Description Until now, all PTP packets received on Arista switches with PTP boundary mode enabled will automatically be sent to the control plane to be processed. This is irrespective of whether the PTP packet is multicast or unicast. All PTP packets which have either the destination UDP port 319 or 320, or use the PTP ethertype will automatically be sent to the control plane. This release introduces a new feature which can be enabled by configuring “ptp forward unicast” globally on the switch while “ptp mode boundary” is configured. With this feature enabled, multicast PTP packets will continue to be...
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PTP Boundary Setup

Hello all! I’m trying to setup a network with PTP distribuition, I’m currently with a PTP Grandmaster connected to an 7150S-64 in boundary mode, everything is ok with this guy and the devices connected to it can sync properly with my PTP, but I also want to send the PTP messages from my Grandmaster to another 7150S connected to the first using a Trunk interface, I’ve already set up this second unit to boundary mode too, and enabled the ptp on the interface connected to the first unit, but it keeps the interface on Master status. What should I do...
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will DCS-7160 support PTP?

Hello, i have several Arista routers, and only one doesn’t support PTP: CookieMonster-7160(config)#ptp % Unavailable command (not supported on this hardware platform) i have CookieMonster-7160(config)#sh ver Arista DCS-7160-48YC6-F Hardware version: 11.01 Serial number: JPE17182424 Is it planned to support PTP on this switch in the future, or the hardware really doesn’t support it? BTW, i use software 4.21.0F on this switch

Enable PTP on Arista 7280SR

I am trying to enable PTP on an Arista 7280 SR. This is my current show version: localhost>show version Arista DCS-7280SR-48C6-R Hardware version: 11.00 Serial number: JPE16174621 System MAC address: 444c.a873.512f Software image version: 4.19.8M Architecture: i386 Internal build version: 4.19.8M-8840164.4198M Internal build ID: c419af27-06da-4a41-b1c3-567309a30ade Uptime: 48 minutes Total memory: 7760816 kB Free memory: 5734108 kB Upon trying to setup a ptp on the current platform I get an “Unavailable command” message: localhost(config)#ptp % Unavailable command (not supported on this hardware platform)

PTP Monitoring

Description This feature allows users to view most recent history of offset from master, mean path delay and skew values via CLI command and optionally generate syslogs. To generate syslogs, users must configure threshold values for each metric, and whenever the switch sees an unusual data, it will generate a syslog. Recording and displaying recent history is enabled by default so the data is available in show tech-support command, but syslog feature is disabled by default, and user must configure in order to generate them. Platform compatibility This feature is available on all PTP supported products. Configuration Arista(config)#[no] ptp monitor Enables or disables...
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Is it possible to run NTP Server on PTP Boundary clock mode on a 7150

Is it possible to run NTP Server mode on a switch running PTP Boundary clock mode? At present my Arista 7150s switch is running PTP boundary clock mode and acting as PTP distribution switches. I’m looking in to the option of enabling NTP server on the same switch to distribute NTP through the same data network as PTP and provide NTP as a back-up clock source to end clients. Thanks in advance,    

Enabling Passive/Transparent Devices for PTP Multicast Routing

Why is PTP Multicast Routing Needed? PTP is a highly precise time protocol, the best practice for PTP is to introduce devices as PTP-Transparent (vs Passive) if the device is L3 and does not act as Boundary Clock. Any introduction of PTP-Passive devices in the path reduces the accuracy of the protocol. Both Transparent and Passive devices require additional configuration in order to forward the PTP stream. If a device must also manage a control-plane flow (and hence has a dependency on the control traffic), this can also reduce the accuracy of PTP.  Due to this, and as the capability for a...
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Model validating PTP timestamping in a distributed Tap-Agg network

Abstract This is a test setup using common servers to validate PTP timestamping accuracy of Arista 7150 switches. Introduction Tap Aggregation devices are a growing monitoring model, allowing monitoring applications to analyze a huge set of data sources. In some application monitoring, it’s critical to correlate time to achieve high precision information, where we can measure the precise time in a packet path. For this purpose we have hardware time-stamping, a feature where the tap aggregation device stamp a time reference in each packet. This subject is explored in this article. Devices performing timestamp in packets must use a common...
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PTP on 7280SE

Hi there, Is there anyone who knows how to enable PTP boundary clock on 7280SE platform? Thanks, Steven

7150s as a PTP boundary clock with 802.1q trunk

We have a 7150s switch which is working as a PTP boundary clock.  How can we configure it to emit UDP multicast PTP packets with 802.1q VLAN tag?  The upstream switch owned the datacenter discards anything without their specified VLAN tag.


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