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Description A private VLAN partitions the Layer 2 broadcast domain of a VLAN into subdomains. It allows isolating the ports on the switch from each other. A subdomain consists of a primary VLAN and one or more secondary VLANs (Private vlans). All secondary VLAN share the same primary VLAN. The secondary VLAN ID differentiates one subdomain from another. The secondary VLANs may either be isolated VLANs or community VLANs. VxLAN with EVPN is used to extend the PVLAN domain to remote locations. Types of VLANs We use below terminologies to describe the type of VLANs in PVLAN domain. Primary VLAN:...
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Hi, We have a requirement to extend an isolated PVLAN over the EVPN fabric with Centralized GWs. We wanted to understand what are the best options to block peer to peer communication over EVPN with a centralized GW fabric. I read some previous posts to the forum, but could not validate whether or not PVLAN isolation over VXLAN w/ Centralized Gateway is supported? Can someone confirm? I don’t want to go down to far into a rabbit hole.   Thanks.

VXLAN and private vlans

Is it possible to tunnel private (secondary) VLANS over VXLAN tunnel? I haven’t found clear answer on that – most of the articles states it is not supported. If you have such setup working, could you please post some example configuration? Thanks.  


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