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EOS Extension – autoipcfg

With the release of the pyeapi library, its even easier to use the EOS eAPI interface to write some custom functionality to help with deployments, provisioning, configurations and many other things. Arista’s EOS+ organization has developed a full turn-key solution for provisioning new nodes on your network, known as ZTP server.  This is a full featured server that provides a bootstrap environment for Arista switches.  Its highly customizable and if you are looking for a lot of bells and whistles this would be the way to go. However the eAPI interface allows for extensions to be written really quickly if...
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Working with the Python eAPI Client

This article builds on the Introduction to the Python Client for eAPI by taking a look at the pyeapi client a little deeper.  The client module provides a number of functions for making it easier to build connectivity to Arista EOS nodes running eAPI. To get started, lets begin by simply importing the pyeapi client in Python and review the how to build a node object. >>> import pyeapi >>> node = pyeapi.connect_to('veos01') As discussed in the introduction article, the above will search for and load the eapi.conf file.  Once the configuration file has been found and loaded by pyeapi,...
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Introducing the Python Client for eAPI (pyeapi)

The Arista EOS command API (eAPI) has been available in versions of EOS since the release of version 4.12.  It has proven to be an invaluable tool for building management plane applications, making it easy to develop solutions that interface with the device configuration and state information.  Building on the capabilities of eAPI, this article introduces the initial release of the Python Client for eAPI (pyeapi). The Python Client for eAPI (pyeapi) is a language specific client to make working eAPI even easier.  It is designed to assist network engineers, operators and devops teams to build eAPI applications faster without...
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