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Hi all, i want to buy a DCS-7050SX-64-R switch but i need to know if i can do this operation: I receive some QinQ packet where i can’t configure the outer S-Vlan tag, i need to connect it on our core where i’ve a lot of vlan in use. So, i need to rewrite the Service Vlan tag (only the outer tag) and send the packet to another trunk port that i use as an uplink to our core switch. For example, port 1 is connected to the operator that send QinQ packet, and receive S-vlan 100, 200, 300. port...
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Double tag on 7050S

Hi, I have a 7050S-52R (4.14.6M, inherited, we have no support contract) that receives a few vlans from our provider, that we use to connect with remote cities (We are an ISP). One of these VLANS has another VLAN encapsulated, that we need as a normal VLAN on another port, as following. The interface is configured as following: interface Ethernet1 description ARSAT-TEN load-interval 60 speed forced 10000full switchport trunk allowed vlan 100,110-114,120-121 switchport mode trunk On VLAN 112, we receive VLAN 25, inside, wich I need to trunk to another port of this switch. How can I acomplish this, if...
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QinQ L3 Subinterfaces

QinQ L3 subinterfaces divide a single ethernet or port-channel interface into multiple logical L3 interfaces based on a combination of two 802.1q tags (VLAN ID) in the incoming traffic. QinQ L3 subinterfaces are commonly used in the L2/L3 boundary device, but they can also be used to isolate traffic with a combination of two 802.1q tags between L3 peers by assigning each subinterface to a different VRF. QinQ L3 subinterfaces are similar to regular L3 subinterfaces, with the only difference being the number of tags being used to isolate traffic. While L3 subinterfaces use a single 802.1q tag (VLAN ID)...
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Q-in-Q Same MAC on C-VLANs

I was wondering if there is a workaround so you can have the same MAC on multiple C-VLANs without causing an issue since the switch will look at the S-VLAN and potentially see the same MAC on different ports causing MAC moves because the switch is not looking at the underlying C-VLAN as well?

Double tagging vlans on one switch

we are looking at using our DCS-7050SX-64-R to connect to cloud providers via a layer 2 service and this requires QinQ. The outer (S) vlan is for the layer 2 service to use to know where to forward the frame (ie which cloud provider instance, then  outer tag is stripped and frame is forwarded) and the inner (c ) tag is needed by cloud provider to connect to their virtual routers.  In Cisco you can do this one once switch:  encapsulation dot1q 101 second–dot1q 1001 https://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/ios/lanswitch/configuration/guide/lsw_ieee_802.1q.html     How can I do this on an Arista, the “second-dot1q” command does not exist and I have spent ages looking into...
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