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Hi all I am new to Arista and am being introduced to it having had quite a long time as a Cisco engineer (16 years). My first piece of work is going to be diving in both feet to a global data center refresh program! I’m very much looking forward to it and expect to be spending a lot of time in this community to build and share knowledge :-) I’ve started reading the Arista Warrior 2nd Edition and am grateful that some of it is familiar given it looks very Cisco like. I am also liking the differences. I...
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Certification level and re-certification

Hi all I am just about to start out with Arista. I am looking to try to certify. My current experience is as a Cisco engineer / architect. I have about 15 years experience and am certified for CCNP and CCDP R&S. Just looking at the levels of certification I am guessing I should aim for Level 4 or Level 6 base don where I put myself and the work I have done over the years but when I view the asterix marked comments they suggest that the exams may be cumulative. Does this mean that in order to gain...
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