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VARP – IP router not configured with MLAG peer MAC address

Hi forum, I have configured VARP on four 7050QX with 4.16.6M using the following config: <pre>ip virtual-router mac-address 00:1c:73:00:00:99 interface vlan 999 ip address ip virtual-router address</pre> The virtual IP is pingable, but what does “IP router is not configured with Mlag peer MAC address” means in the output below? <pre>spine1(config)#sh ip virtual-router IP virtual router is configured with MAC address: 001c.7300.0099 IP router is not configured with Mlag peer MAC address MAC address advertisement interval: 30 seconds Protocol: U – Up, D – Down, T – Testing, UN – Unknown NP – Not Present, LLD – Lower...
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