Arista EOS – BGP Selective Route Download

Today, various content provided through the Internet continues to grow exponentially. Content Providers have spent significant CapEx dollars for their infrastructure typically peering with multiple providers to give their customers the best experience possible. This classically calls for BGP peering between these providers and leveraging one provider as a transit with a default route. Given the fact that many views of the global Internet routing table show approximately 580,000 IPv4 prefixes and 20,000 IPv6 prefixes (December 2015), large expensive routers are traditionally used in this capacity. This is because traditional deployments in the past took all the routes in the...
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VXLAN Routing with MLAG

Introduction This document describes the operation and configuration of  VXLAN routing on an Arista platform in conjunction with MLAG for redundancy. The configuration and guidance within the document unless specifically noted is based on the platforms and EOS releases noted in the table below.   Arista’s Multi-Chassis LAG (MLAG) technology provides the ability to build a loop free active-active layer 2 topology. The technology operates by allowing two physical Arista switches to appear as a single logical switch (MLAG domain), third-party switches, servers or neighbouring Arista switches connect to the logical switch via a standard port-channel (static, passive or active)...
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How to route to external subnets from VXLAN subnets and vice-versa

Hi,   I was able to setup Vxlan between Host1 and Host2 which are in Vlan 600 subnet Host1 and Host2 are able to reach each other via Vxlan. However, I want to know how do I setup the routing to external hosts outside the subnet? Below are the configs for both VTEPS. VTEP1 switch has a network that Host2 is trying to reach. Thank you VTEP1 (Switch1): spanning-tree mode mstp ! no aaa root ! vlan 492,600 ! interface Port-Channel2000 no switchport ip address ! interface Ethernet1 no switchport ip address ! interface Ethernet2 no switchport ip address...
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BGP METRIC attribute

Hi, I was trying to find out how do I configure Metric BGP attribute? I look all over the Arista commands and could not figure it out. Thank you   Victor

Programmatically update your routing table

Overview This article describes a script which is designed to allow the insertion/removal of a route in/from the routing table. If you want a way to remotely add/delete routes to/from your routing table, then this is the tool for you – using it will make insertion/removal of static routes as easy as running a script on any remote device that supports Python. How to get the code: Download the code Use your Github account and fork it (remember to contribute back) Installation The script (updateRoute) can be run/installed on any device that runs Python 2.7 or later. In order to run updateRoute, first...
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