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sFlow Generation for Legacy Networks with Tap Aggregation (NPB / Matrix switch)

  sFlow is a standard hadware sampling available on all the Arista platforms, providing rich statistical information on all ports. sFlow is available in Tap Aggregation mode, allowing additional use cases of Tap Aggregation than traffic analysis on analyzer tools: Retro-fitting sFlow to legacy infrastructure Distributed analysis This article focuses on Retro-fitting sFlow to legacy infrastructure.   1) sFlow vs Netflow sFlow is a sampling mechanism implemented in hardware: Widely available on non-legacy platforms, and widely supported on collectors/monitoring software sFlow requires minimal local processing which contrast with Netflow that is very CPU-intensive, making Netflow poorly suitable for any high performance...
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Fabric Visibility

A leaf and spine fabric is challenging to monitor. The fabric spreads traffic across all the switches and links in order to maximize bandwidth. Unlike traditional hierarchical network designs, where a small number of links can be monitored to provide visibility, a leaf and spine network has no special links or switches where running CLI commands or attaching a probe would provide visibility. Even if it were possible to attach probes, the effective bandwidth of a leaf and spine network can be as high as a Petabit/second, well beyond the capabilities of current generation monitoring tools. The 2 minute video...
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Introduction to Managing EOS Devices – Setting up Management

Note: This article is part of the Introduction to Managing EOS Devices series: https://eos.arista.com/introduction-to-managing-eos-devices/      1) Setting Up Management The following management tools are available on Arista EOS for all platforms: VRF-aware management Telnet and SSH Syslog and Console Logging SNMP Versions 1 and 3 NTP DNS Local and remote user control (AAA) TACACS+, RADIUS sFlow XMPP eAPI   Note: in the following configuration examples, the commands in square brackets are optional: [optional]   1.1) VRF Aware Management As of release 4.10.1, EOS supports the ability to constrain management functions to a VRF. This enables the user to separate management based functions...
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What happened to script for sFlow reading into Splunk?

From a .pdf entitled “Traffic Visualization with Arista sFlow and Splunk” there is a referenced sample script that’s supposed to be on EOS Central to decode the sFlow data and allow Splunk to process it.  Is that still active and around?  I’d really like to be able to use the Arista Telemetry App and not have to go to a 3rd party app for the data.  Thanks!


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