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7280SR: Bridge SFP and QSFP28 connectors

We have two devices that we want to connect through our 7280SR. Device one has 2 x 100 GbE via QSFP28. This device is transparent, i.e. it doesn’t have a mac address and the traffic does only pass through it. Device two has 2 x 25 GbE via SFP, regular network card. We want to create a loop where we send traffic from device two, via the switch, to device one. Sending from one port on device two and receiving on the other, hence we need a one-to-one mapping between the QSFP28 and SFP ports. The plan is to configure...
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Stacking with SFP+ ports

How can i stack the DCS-7050T switches on SFP+ ports? please guide the procedure or share the configuration.

Attenuation SFP module

Hello support team. I am interesting in tuning fibre channel, which is connected via SFP module. Is it possible to change attenuation or power for SFP module? Are these values fixed by manufacturer and couldn’t be changed? Because I can’t find nothing in documentation. Thank you in advance. — Kos

How to use the SFP+ PORTS ON Q16?

How can I enable the SFP+ ports on a Q16? The ports are by default in errdisable state, but when I set the speed to auto, they show as Status – unknown, Duplex – auto, Speed – auto. ‘show int eth xx‘ phy shows no status in the PMA/PMD as shown below: localhost#sh int eth21-22 phy Key:    U    = Link up    D    = Link down    R    = RX Fault    T    = TX Fault    B    = High BER    L    = No Block Lock    A    = No XAUI Lane Alignment    0123 = No XAUI lane...
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