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How to set port speed with [y/N] prompt disabled?

We want to enter CLI configlets either by Copy&Paste or with ftp copy into running-config. Since Arista prompts with a y/N question before executing speed change, the commands following the speed settings are lost. The simplest case is such: Entering ! nterface Ethernet29/1 description -> wdc-fw1a speed 10g switchport mode trunk channel-group 11 mode active ! arista(config-if-Et29/1)#interface Ethernet29/1 arista(config-if-Et29/1)# description -> wdc-fw1a arista(config-if-Et29/1)# speed 10g ! WARNING! Changing the speed setting from 100G to 10G on this port will cause all the interfaces on the switch to flap. Do you wish to proceed with this command? [y/N] ! Transceiver for...
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