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Persistent File Systems in vEOS

I’ve been playing around with Ansible and using authorized_keys for some of it. I’ve noticed that in vEOS the user directories don’t survive upon reboot. Is there a place I can put authorized_keys files that will survive a reboot to allow password-less logins?

SSH without password

Hi all, I cannot make an ssh session to log on without password prompt – this is for bash scripting from a linux terminal to Arista switch. The procedure here (https://eos.arista.com/ssh-login-without-password/), which defines simply copying the pub keyfile into flash and setting it into the username, does not work. A user account with no password at all, together with (aaa authen policy local allow…) seems to work fine, which creates a big hole in aaa. Any ideas? I want simply to have users with passwords, but to be able to ssh without password prompt for those whose keys are well-known...
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