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InfluxDB telemetry streaming

Description InfluxDB telemetry streaming feature enables telemetry data collection with Telegraf on-box, and allows streaming of telemetry to an off-box InfluxDB instance. Platform compatibility All platforms support this feature. Configuration InfluxDB telemetry streaming has its dedicated CLI at: switch(config)#monitor telemetry influx switch(config-monitor-telemetry-influx)#? destination Configure telemetry output destinations source Configure telemetry input paths tag Add extra tags to the telemetry output ---------------------------------------- comment Up to 240 characters, comment for this mode default Set a command to its defaults exit Leave mon-telemetry-influx mode no Disable the command that follows show Display details of switch operation !! Append to comment Destination Configuration Destination...
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TerminAttr most commonly used flags and sample configurations

Introduction TerminAttr is the EOS state streaming telemetry agent running as a single binary that can stream to both CloudVision and 3rd party applications using gNMI. It has been bundled with every EOS release from 4.17.0F and above and it’s also available as a SWIX extension which can be used to upgrade TerminAttr to the latest version. It is recommended to check the release notes for the latest recommended stable version and compatibility between EOS releases. How to check which version of TerminAttr is running on EOS As the release notes say, the minimum supported TerminAttr version on each EOS...
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