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CCF/DMF Support Bundle

This article covers support bundle generation and tips on how to present the bundles to Arista Support for further analysis. Support bundles are a collection show,bash commands and logs in CCF (Converged Cloud Fabric) and DMF (Danz Monitoring Fabric). Formerly known as BCF and BMF respectively.   How to collect a support bundle CLI Commands From the CLI perspective, You can use the CLI command “Support” to generate the support bundle. BCF3-C1# support Generating diagnostic data bundle for technical support. This may take several minutes... Name : floodlight-support--BCF3-C1--2019-07-04--23-46-47--UTC--B3M5Aq.tar.gz Size : 1.45GB Fs path : /var/lib/floodlight/support/floodlight-support--BCF3-C1--2019-07-04--23-46-47--UTC--B3M5Aq.tar.gz Url : GUI From...
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Send support-bundle CLI command

Description The send support-bundle feature adds a new CLI command which creates a ZIP file containing a useful set of logs and command outputs, and then writes it to either a local or remote destination specified by a CLI URL. When sending to a remote destination, the ZIP file will be created and streamed to the destination on-the-fly, saving local disk space. This feature provides convenience when collecting logs for a support ticket, and can be used without bash level access. Previously, there was also the logGrab script which accomplishes something similar, but requires access to bash to run and...
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