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configuring a port for switchport trunk/multiple vlans

This is a relatively simple question but I can’t seem to find the answers in the manuals. It’s also entirely possible I am asking the wrong questions, too. Quick description: I have a main switch where the building uplink comes into. I have TOR switches on each rack. There are two vlans on the network, 150 and 200 most of the servers on each rack are using vlan 150. I have two servers that want to use 200. So, I need to configure the link between main-switch and rack-switch to admit both 150 and 200. Then I need to configure...
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Changing the switchport default mode

By default all ports on an Arista switch are configured to be switch ports, as you would expect. If you are mostly dealing with routed ports, this behaviour may not be totally desirable. Starting in EOS-4.18.0, this behaviour is configurable e.g. we can have all interfaces in routed mode by default. switch1...11:10:56(config)#show run int et 1-4interface Ethernet1interface Ethernet2interface Ethernet3interface Ethernet4switch1...11:11:00(config)#show interface Et1-4 switchport | i Name|Switchport:Name: Et1Switchport: EnabledName: Et2Switchport: EnabledName: Et3Switchport: EnabledName: Et4Switchport: Enabled To change the default, simply issue the configuration command switchport default mode routed As you can see, all interfaces are now in routed mode by default:...
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