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configuring a port for switchport trunk/multiple vlans

This is a relatively simple question but I can’t seem to find the answers in the manuals. It’s also entirely possible I am asking the wrong questions, too. Quick description: I have a main switch where the building uplink comes into. I have TOR switches on each rack. There are two vlans on the network, 150 and 200 most of the servers on each rack are using vlan 150. I have two servers that want to use 200. So, I need to configure the link between main-switch and rack-switch to admit both 150 and 200. Then I need to configure...
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Switchport VLAN on vEOS

I’m wanting to test out VLAN translation using the vEOS image, however it doesn’t appear switchport vlan translation is a valid command. localhost(config-if-Et1)# vlan not supported on this hardware platform localhost(config-if-Et1)#switchport vl Am I not able to test this feature in a lab environment?


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