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Support for SWI extension (SWIX) verification

Description EOS provides a way to extend its capabilities through the installation of extensions. An extension is a pre-packaged optional feature or a set of scripts, typically in an RPM Package Manager (RPM) or Software image extension (SWIX) format. A SWIX file is a zip file typically containing RPMs, scripts, or other installation mediums that can be installed to alter the base behavior of EOS. SWIX Verification allows for SWIX files to be cryptographically signed with a signature that will be verified by EOS before the extension is installed. This verification process provides the following security benefits: Shows that the...
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swix extension: enable service across boot ?

Hello, I’ve created a swix extension from Fedora 14 rpm packages. So far so good. What is the arista way to achieve persistence across reboot : for the ganglia-gmond configuration in /etc/ganglia/gmond.conf file for the init script enabled via “chkconfig gmond on” ? Thank you, Jean-Baptiste

Introduction to Managing EOS Devices – Automation and Extensibility

Note: This article is part of the Introduction to Managing EOS Devices series: https://eos.arista.com/introduction-to-managing-eos-devices/      5) Automation and Extensibility   The Arista EOS facilitates task automation, provisioning, and extending capabilities on the Arista switches. The following features are available on all the platforms: Managing extensions and applications AEM: Event Manager AEM: CLI Scheduler     5.1) Managing EOS Extensions   The most simple and efficient way to make the most of the extensibility on which EOS is built is through the use of extensions.  An extension is a pre-packaged optional feature or set of scripts in an RPM or SWIX format....
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