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Automating the collection of system logs using logGrab

Typically when a support case is opened the first item requested by the support engineer is more data.  If all necessary data can be provided when a support case is opened it allows the support engineer to immediately begin looking at a customer issue, however it is often difficult to know exactly which information will be required.  logGrab aims to simplify this complexity by automating the process reducing the typical time to resolution of service requests. logGrab is a simple bash script, when executed it collects all data typically required by TAC engineers and places it into a single timestamped ZIP...
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Collecting logs for Arista TAC cases using logGrab

logGrab is a simple bash script that builds a time/date stamped archive containing a number of log items commonly requested when raising a TAC case. It is designed to simplify the process of collecting data from multiple sources within EOS and packing them into a single file for easy upload. The script can be easily extended/adapted and may be integrated easily with other EOS features such as the CLI scheduler and Advanced Event Manager. #!/bin/bash # logGrab - Automatic Log Collector v0.3 LOGNAME=logGrab-$HOSTNAME-$(date +%Y-%m-%d.%H%M%S) mkdir /mnt/flash/$LOGNAME cd /mnt/flash/$LOGNAME ls -alR /persist/sys > persist-sys-contents ls -alR /mnt/flash > flash-contents ls -alR...
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