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DANZ Table of Contents

Tap Aggregation Introduction to Tap Aggregation Basic Use of Aggregation Groups Tab Aggregation Basic Settings Before You Start Filtering with Port ACLs Tap Aggregation VLAN List Filtering Tap Aggregation Traffic Steering Deep Packet Inspection Truncation on Tap and Tool Ports LLDP on Tap Ports Common Challenges with TapAgg TapAgg Glossary Advanced Mirroring Introduction to Port Mirroring Filtering with Port ACLs Latency Analyzer (LANZ) LANZ Architectures and Configuration LANZ Buffer Tuning Timestamping TimeStamping on the 7150 Timestamping Deep Dive and Frequent Questions Optics Tap Aggregation Optics Selection  

Truncation on Tap and Tool Ports

Introduction EOS supports truncation on ingress and egress. In this article we will focus on how it can be applied in tap aggregation exclusive mode, on the Arista 7150 line of switches. Please refer to the supported features matrix for other hardware platforms. Truncation is the ability to remove unwanted or unneeded bytes from the packet at a configurable or fixed starting byte position, it may also be referred to as ‘Packet Slicing’. This is useful in situations where the data of interest is contained within the headers or early in the packet payload. It can be used to remove...
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DANZ TAP Aggregation Configuration: Quick Start

TAP Aggregation Overview TAP Aggregation enables N:M packet replication, unlike SPAN/mirror ports, which have limited filtering capability and only a few ports with which to mirror to. Besides that, Arista’s TAP aggregation offering enables users to leverage the extensibility of EOS – click here for a more in depth overview of TAP aggregation or contact your local account team for an in depth overview of DANZ. Enabling Tap Aggregation By default, Arista switches operate in normal switching mode. To place the switch into TAP aggregation mode, the following configuration must be added: tap aggregation   mode exclusive This configuration disables all ports...
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