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Forward TCPDump to Wireshark

Description Using TCPDump on an Arista switch is an impressive feature and can help with troubleshooting, security concerns, and much more. But if you need to watch a packet capture live using TCPDump can be tricky since you can’t use display filters, trace a packet, and use many different tools that are found in Wireshark. In this article, we will go over how we can forward our live TCPDump session to our local host computer running Wireshark. Please refer to this article to learn the basics of TCPDump on an Arista switch. Using tcpdump for Troubleshooting Platform Compatibility All Arista...
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A Simple Quality of Service Design Example

While there is plenty of documentation available discussing the individual mechanics of Quality of Service, such as Class of Service (CoS) or Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) markings and what they mean, there is not as much documentation available bridging the gap from those basic building blocks to a working network QoS deployment. There are some understandable reasons for that lack of documentation, because the design and implementation of a QoS policy on a network is so closely coupled to the specific network’s business objectives and policies that it’s hard to develop much of a QoS policy and have it...
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Reversing The Airflow of a Running Switch

Occasionally customers have a switch in production that they need to change the airflow direction of e.g. from a front-to-rear (-F) to a rear-to-front (-R), or vice-versa, without shutting down the switch. The following procedure outlines the steps to follow in order to accomplish this. This procedure assumes that you already have the replacement fans and PSUs on hand and are ready to perform the swap. Start with the switch powered up, both power supplies powered and providing power to the switch. Gain access to the switch’s serial console to check status and run CLI commands as need be. Add...
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