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Sending Telemetry Data from TerminAttr to Multiple CVP instances

Sending Telemetry Data from TerminAttr to Multiple CVP instances Overview This article will explore the ability of the CloudVision Telemetry agent to send data to more than one CloudVision Portal (CVP) instance or CloudVision and a third party application.     The configuration used in this lab was also used as part of the “Synchronising CloudVision Portal Configlets with Ansible” POC lab to enable both CloudVision instances to receive Telemetry data from all the switches. The article for “Synchronising CloudVision Portal Configlets with Ansible” can be found here : https://eos.arista.com/synchronising-cloudvision-portal-configlets-with-ansible/   Introduction The Proof of Concept Lab created to demonstrate...
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How to you gather non snmp Telemetry Data

Hi I’m trying to get used to get CLI values to influxdb. I’ve setuped telegraf on EOS, it works perfect for snmp. Arista have interesting trending data which are not available via snmp, like: * show storm-control * show interface transceiver csv I’ve written python scripts, which uses FastCli -T 5 -p2 -c "" The scripts works perfect if i execute them in bash. If i’m running it as telegraf.exec, the system user get’s the error “Cannot connect to ConfigAgent”. Im using: 4.21.8M on Arista DCS-7050SX3-48YC8-F How do you gather such Cli-only data for your trending platforms? Did you have...
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Sampled Flow Tracking with IPFIX export

Description Network administrators require access to flow information that passes through various network elements, for the purpose of analyzing and monitoring their networks. This feature provides access to IP flow information by sampling traffic flows in ingress direction on the interfaces on which it is configured. The samples are then used to create flow records, which are exported to the configured collectors in the IPFIX format. Terminology Flow tracker: Collection of interfaces (observation points) on which samples are collected and flow records are created. It has one or more Exporters. Exporter: Device that sends flow records to one or more...
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CloudVision Portal 2017.2.0 – TOI

CloudVision Portal release 2017.2.0 introduces support for the network-wide Telemetry framework consisting of the following components: NetDB based State Streaming CloudVision Analytics Engine CloudVision Telemetry Application Deployment and Configuration State Streaming deployment details: Minimum supported EOS version for state streaming is 4.17.3F EOS version 4.19 and later are not supported in this release but will be supported in the next release The latest version of state streaming (v0.19.5) is bundled with CVP 2017.2.0 as an extension that can be deployed on supported EOS versions Configuration required to enable state streaming on EOS devices is packaged in this release as a...
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CloudVision Telemetry

do you have any documentation regarding on how to install CVP Telemetry? i am planning on using it for my customer,i have been looking all over the web for the configuration guide and it came back empty


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