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How to Troubleshoot Low Throughput Issues on a Wireless Network

Introduction Data Rate is not the same as the actual Throughput achieved for a wireless network. The term Data Rate usually specifies the theoretical bit transfer rate of a particular implementation of Radio Frequency (RF) transmission. Whereas, Throughput is the actual amount of data per second that can be pushed across the link. Some spreading technologies are more effective than others, so the throughput will vary. 802.11 RF medium is a shared medium, meaning that in any discussion about throughput, it should be thought of as aggregate throughput. For example, if the data rate is 54 Mbps, because of CSMA/CA...
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Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Throughput Issues with iPerf3 on Arista APs

Introduction When we observe low throughput in the network it is important to understand whether the issue lies on the Wi-Fi or the wired side of the network. The method to achieve this is to perform an iPerf test and compare results. This utility is present on the Arista AP which acts as an iPerf server, eliminating the need for a second client connected to the Wi-Fi network. Online speed tests are good for quick results; however, they are not ideal for troubleshooting as these speed tests are also dependent on factors outside the LAN/WLAN. Prerequisites config shell CLI access...
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