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MLAG / Trunk Setting

Hoping to get some assistance on the below. Switch models: Arista 7050Qx-32S. We’re attempting to setup an MLAG between the two switches. The current issue we are facing, is that one switch respects the ‘switchport mode trunk’ command, while the other does not. Regardless of what is done, the second switch port group stays in ‘routed’, then when attempting to assign it to an MLAG ID, it states that it is required to be a trunk. We’re following: https://www.arista.com/en/um-eos/eos-section-13-4-configuring-mlag#ww1151451 Any help would be appreciated, it seems that no matter what we do it will not change from routed to trunk....
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cEOS Trunk issues

Using 2 cEOS with 2 vlans in each with the corresponding nodes from the vlan subnets: vlan10 = vlan20 = hosts from the same vlan can ping each other if connected to the same switch, but not if they are in different ones through the trunk (configured as etherchannel). Traffic capture showing arp queries from both sides looking for each other. But both switches arp tables is empty, not showing even those connected locally: ceos1#sh arp Address Age (min) Hardware Addr Interface ceos3#sh arp Address Age (min) Hardware Addr Interface ——————- ceos3: ceos3#sh run ! Command: show running-config...
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“l2-protocol encapsulation” Command

We implement attached topology with configuration:   A-R#sh run   interface Ethernet1    no switchport    ip address ! interface Ethernet1.10 ! interface Ethernet1.20    encapsulation dot1q vlan 20    ip address ! interface Ethernet2 ! interface Ethernet3 ! interface Management1 ! ip routing ! ! end A-SW#sh run   vlan 10,20,30,50 ! interface Ethernet1    switchport mode trunk ! interface Ethernet2    switchport access vlan 10 ! interface Ethernet3    switchport access vlan 20 ! interface Management1 ! no ip routing ! ! end when deploy this config VPC2 can reach router interface eth1.20 but VPC1 can’t...
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VXLAN to VLAN trunk port – multiple multicast-groups?

Hello everybody, I have configured the following VXLAN networks using VMware vShield which should be mapped to VLANs on a virtual Arista Switch (vEOS 4.15.OF): VNI5000 / Multicast / Map to VLAN 500 VNI5001 / Multicast / Map to VLAN 501 VNI5002 / Multicast / Map to VLAN 503 But on the interface vxlan 1, I can only set one multicast-group on the interface vxlan 1. Is there the possibility to set multiple multicast-group on this interface (one multicast-group per VNI)? I also cannot create more than one VXLAN interface – is this a general limitation or...
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