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Stage – BGPMAINEXIT Failing

Hi All,   Recently, i have initiated a software upgrade activity through Cloud Vision Portal. Following was the staging procedure on a cabinet – in which we have two Switches in MLAG peer.   Staging Procedure :   Pre Configuration Snapshot Checking MLAG Health Entering BGP Maintenance Upgrade the EOS Existing BGP Maintenance Post Configuration Snapshot First Stage of Pre Configuration Snapshot is successful. For the second stage to be successful, i had to re configure the reload delay under MLAG from 60 – 300. With value of 60, Stage is failing. Stage 3 is also successful , where in...
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DMF Upgrade procedures 7.x.x+

DMF Upgrade Procedures Overview This Document will provide the necessary steps to upgrade DMF and its respected nodes individually from 7.x.x onward. These upgrade steps are also present in the DMF deployment guide, starting on chapter 6. https://www.arista.com/en/support/software-download Switch/Node upgrades After the controllers have upgraded, the switches will automatically reboot to upgrade. Service nodes, starting from 7.x.x, will upgrade automatically similarly to fabric switches. Analytics and Recorder nodes need to be upgraded separately, which will be covered later in this document.   Steps for Upgrading Controllers 7.x.x to 8.x.x 1. Download your intended upgrade version ISO from the software downloads...
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CVP Upgrade from 2018.1.4 to 2020.2.0

Hello Members, One of my client is looking to upgrade CVP from 2018.1.4 to 2020.2.0. We have never done CVP upgrade in past and I am having few doubts on the upgrade process Can we go direct from 2018.1.4 to 2020.2.0, or there is intermediate version we need to upgrade before the desired version ? I have checked and found system requirement for 2018.1.4 and 2020.2.0 is different, so will we be able to upgrade 1st and then increase vcpu, ram and disk space ? Someone, suggested to build a new cluster with 2020.2.0 and onboard switches and cvx in...
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Aboot Firmware Update

Description This feature supports to upgrade Aboot firmware via an Aboot Update File (AUF). The aim is to be able to provide a signed method of upgrading Aboot in the field. Platform compatibility Supported on all EOS platforms. Configuration An AUF file can be loaded on a device using the following command: install bios source SOURCE [ active | standby ] [ reload ] [ now ] Where: SOURCE is the location where the AUF is located. Active and standby optionally select the supervisor on a modular system. Both supervisors are upgraded by default, with active followed by standby. Reload...
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Using Ansible to Upgrade EOS

Hello, I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has attempted to utilize Ansible to upgrade EOS. We have a number of switches that are in severe need of upgrades, and I will have to be upgrading multiple times to keep ISSU intact. I am in the midst of creating the playbook now and would love some anecdotal comments. I think the biggest hurdle right now is figuring out how to copy the new images to the switches. I appreciate your time!

Upgrade Questions for EOS

We are about to upgrade our Arista switches to address the newest vulnerabilities that came out recently, and I have a few questions I’m hoping you can help with. Some of our switches are on older hardware. Is there a table somewhere that lists the highest code level a particular platform can run? Will all newer code releases run on all older hardware? Some of our switches are running very old code. Does SSU work on very old code (say, 4.5)? Assuming not, what is the upgrade path to get these switches up to 4.14…? Do I have to upgrade...
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How do I copy code from a switch in prod to USB?

Hi, I need to copy some backup configs as well as a code from an Arista DCS-7508 running with a 7500-SUP as its supervisor to a USB stick. The USB doesn’t show up unless inserted. I don’t have a lab set up where I can test this so could you let me know the procedure to do this. I also need to copy this code and configs from the USB stick back to a new supervisor (7500E-SUP). I understand that this is the procedure to prepare a USB stick   How to prepare the USB drive a. Insert the drive into a computer...
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