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vEOS with Vagrant

Hello, I am building demo lab using Vagrant, and I am having a hard time finding the Vagrant box file for virtual box at arista software downloads. The last version available seems to be the 4.20.1F are there any plans to provide builds for the newer releases like 4.22.1F?

Using vEOS with Vagrant and VirtualBox

Beginning with EOS 4.15.2F, vEOS is available as a Vagrant box for VirtualBox.  This single-file VM package makes it one of the fastest ways to get started with vEOS and is ideal for testing in automated environments.  Multiple VMs may be defined within a single Vagrantfile, including non-vEOS VMs, allowing an entire topology to be defined in a single file.  A customized Vagrantfile, checked in to revision control, is an effective way for multiple users to consistently recreate a complete environment. Prior to EOS 4.15.2F, the vEOS vmdk and Aboot.iso files can be converted to a Vagrant box by following the directions...
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