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Best Practices for FHRP

trying to put together a best practices guide for the field. Let me know if i am wrong with these as they have been found in different sources VRRP should be used with non MLAG configurations VRRP or VARP(using the “ip virtual-router address” and “ip virtual-router mac-address”)  should be used with MLAG. Whats the subnet option used ofr and should it always be used for MLAG installs? anycast IP address (using the “in address virtual” and “ip virtual-router mac-address) should be used with VXLAN EVPN Direct Routing (Asymetrical IRB). However it also appears you can use the “ip virtual-router address”...
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VRRP support on 7280R3, 7500R3 and 7800R3 series

Platform Compatibility In EOS-4.25.2F release, VRRP support is enabled on the following platforms, DCS-7280R3 DCS-7500R3 DCS-7800R3 Configuration There are no configuration changes to the VRRP support. On 7280R3, 7500R3 and 7800R3 series, maximally 14 unique VRRP groups can be configured along with VARP and MLAG Peer gateway virtual MAC capabilities. Syslog messages When an oversubscription is detected during VRRP configuration, a syslog message such as the following is emitted. To resolve an oversubscription, remove one or more VRRP group configurations. "Virtual routing configuration, including VARP, MLAG Peer MAC, and VRRP exceeds the hardware limitation of 16 unique MAC addresses." Once...
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Active-active router redundancy using VARP

In most of Leaf-Spine deployments, redundancy in Spine layer is required to achieve high availability and to prevent network service disruption. Modern layer 2 networks adopted loop-free and balanced path networks using Multi Chassis Link Aggregation topologies with LACP port channels, leaving loop control methods (STP) as second protection layer. Spines also supports layer 3 networks, using ECMP in a scalable network topology. For unicast redundancy in layer 3, a common method is use First Hop Router Redundancy (FHRR) to provide a simple and unique gateway for Leaf level. VRRP and HRSP are popular FHRR protocols and supported in most...
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