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config t via xmpp?

Hi All, I have a quick setup with a few vEOS switches and an ejabberd server. I am able to talk to the switches with a jabber client with this set up. However, I cannot do anything other than query commands (show, status, etc). I was hoping to be able to change my BGP settings en-masse, but I am not able to do anything that makes configuration changes. I get no feedback from either the enable or config t commands (but I don’t really expect any). And when I try a configuration command, I get an error that leads me...
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Introduction to Managing EOS Devices – Setting up Management

Note: This article is part of the Introduction to Managing EOS Devices series: https://eos.arista.com/introduction-to-managing-eos-devices/      1) Setting Up Management The following management tools are available on Arista EOS for all platforms: VRF-aware management Telnet and SSH Syslog and Console Logging SNMP Versions 1 and 3 NTP DNS Local and remote user control (AAA) TACACS+, RADIUS sFlow XMPP eAPI   Note: in the following configuration examples, the commands in square brackets are optional: [optional]   1.1) VRF Aware Management As of release 4.10.1, EOS supports the ability to constrain management functions to a VRF. This enables the user to separate management based functions...
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