• Troubleshooting On-premises CloudVision Wi-Fi

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CloudVision Wi-Fi service was originally available only as a service on the Arista Cognitive Wi-Fi Cloud. From Wireless Manager version 8.5.1, an administrator can now install CloudVision Wi-Fi for an on-premise Wireless Manager server. This document lists the steps to troubleshoot issues with the CloudVision Wi-Fi plugin.

Use Case

This article is useful to troubleshoot scenarios where the hyperlink to launch CloudVision Wi-Fi from Wireless Manager is not displayed.


  • Wireless Manager (WM) must be running software version 8.5.1 or higher
  • The administrator will have to download and install the CloudVision Wi-Fi (CVW) plugin.



  1. Follow the steps in following article to download and install CVW plugin: “How to Install CloudVision Wi-Fi plugin for On-Premises Wireless Manager”
  2. Once the plugin installation is complete, access the command line of the WM and run ‘get version’, to validate that CVW was successfully installed, sample output is shown below:

    Note: “Aware Build: [8.8.2-8]is shown only if CVW is installed.

  3. Access the WM UI and it should display the hyperlink, Try the new UI for Wi-Fi Access Monitoring. Click this to launch CVW.


  1. A user may not see the CVW hyperlink if they do not have ‘Wi-Fi access management’ permission enabled in their user profile.
  2. Users may not see the CVW hyperlink if the WM license does not allow Arista Wi-Fi Devices to run in AP mode.
  3. The CVW configuration parameter should be correctly configured. To check this parameter, access the config CLI of WM and run ‘get config parameter’
    To change this value to your own host name, run ‘set config parameter’.
    Once the above configuration has been completed, the user should see the hyperlink to launch the CVW.

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