• What to do when you are getting a “meltdown”, “powerdown” or “system powered down” message

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This is step-by-step guide on what actions to take if you are getting messages similar to below.

Jan 17 02:08:34 C16-B1-10381-3 daemon.emerg /usr/bin/meltdownd: Temperature 35000 for /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon3/temp1_input is over critical value of 70000.


17 02:08:34 C16-B1-10381-3 daemon.emerg /usr/bin/meltdownd: over temperature, system powerdown


Jan 17 02:08:50 C16-B1-10381-3 daemon.emerg /usr/bin/meltdownd: system powered down
Step-by-step guide
  1. Upgrade to MOS-0.16.0 or later version. This can be downloaded from our releases page. Please refer to our FAQ page on how to update your Arista 7130 device.
    For details about the fix refer to MOSH-1223 within the MOS-0.16.0 release notes.
  2. Power cycle the device. Your Arista 7130 device should now boot up normally



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