• Wireshark LUA dissector for “Mirroring to GRE with Timestamping” feature

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Time stamping is an important tool for network engineering and performance analysis. EOS-4.21.3F adds support for payload timestamping of all GRE encapsulated mirrored packets at line rate (only supported on the 7500R/7280R/7500R2/7280R2 series). A timestamp is taken on ingress and inserted into the GRE encapsulated mirrored packet payload at egress. More details about this feature can be found at https://eos.arista.com/eos-4-21-3f/mirroring-to-gre-timestamping

This feature introduces an enhancement to Arista Timestamp Header Wireshark Dissector described in https://eos.arista.com/analyzing-packet-header-timestamps-in-wireshark/

How to Use

All necessary steps on how to use new Wireshark Dissector described at https://github.com/mpergament/wireshark-arista-tagagg-dissector


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