Posted on June 20, 2019 7:54 pm
 |  Asked by Warren Granada
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Good day

Have a quick question here, trying to figure out what I am doing wrong from the console port I am able to
get into configuration mode no problem but when I telnet/ssh into the switch I am able to get into config t mode I get the error

SW-LDN4-EXC1#config t
% Authorization denied for command ‘configure terminal’

I currently have these switches on my desk configuring them and I am connecting to the via the MA1 interface.
I have the enable, root secret and configured a user with a privilege of 15 secret but I am still unable to
go into config t mode. When I want to update something on the switch I have to physically move the console port
from one switch to another. Once I deploy these switches and get them on my network and talking to my aaa authentication server will I still have this issue or how do I resolve this? Before I send these switches out to London would like to be make verify that I will be able to go into configuration mode once deployed.

Thank you in advance!!!

Posted by Aesha Parikh
Answered on June 20, 2019 9:29 pm

Hi Warren,

Check your aaa authorization settings (show run | grep aaa).
– You can either disable that using
no aaa authorization commands all default
– Make sure your username has role network-admin in order to authorize all commands
username admin privilege 15 role network-admin secret 0 test

By default command authorization is disabled for console access so you will be able to configure using console login.
Check this article for various aaa commands


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