Posted on August 7, 2015 12:22 pm
 |  Asked by Ronald David Hurtado Ulfe
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Dear Arista friends,

I have a controller node and compute node all working fine. Via controller we can create networks, routers and virtual machines. All of this is working fine in virtual machines. Finally all the created VMs can talk.

What can be done if we add many compute nodes using arista switches going in a real deployment.

For sure we need all the nodes connected to arista switches. Here you have the questions.

What can be done using Openstack and Arista together for each case?

  • arista switches without CVX doing layer 2 only.
  • arista switches without CVX doing layer 3.
  • using CVX with arista switches doing layer 2 only.
  • using CVX with arista switches  doing layer 3.
Posted by Alexis Dacquay
Answered on August 7, 2015 3:18 pm



You could do either Layer2-only, Layer2+VXLAN or Layer2+Layer3 (router/default gateway). In all cases you would require CVX.

Layer2 would involve the automatic provisioning of VLANs on the Arista switches, as well as VXLAN (VNI allocation, VLAN-to-VNI mapping, automatic MAC addresses synchronization). The advantage of VXLAN is the ability to establish your tenant VM-to-VM communications, or even physical server to VM, across a Layer3 network (better scaling and operations for network admins)

The Layer3 integration would provide an SVI (Layer3 VLAN interface) on the Arista switch with an IP address on the subnet to act as a default gateway and routing for that subnet.

You will find here a whitepaper on the integration, although Openstack being always evolving, bare-metal server provisioning is something new not mentioned there.




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