Posted on April 8, 2016 5:05 pm
 |  Asked by Ross Atwood
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We are getting error code 32603 after running this command:

aaa authorization exec default local group tacacs+

Restarting ngnix, disabling/enabling eAPI, removing the aaa command did not make a difference.

We will try rebooting the switch at the end of the day to see if this fixes it.


eOS is EOS-4.14.6M. We will be upgrading to EOS-4.14.12M soon but wanted to see if there are known issues with current eOS and eAPI.

Posted by Vikram
Answered on April 8, 2016 5:16 pm

Hi Ross,

Could you please advise if you have a enable password configured on the device & if the username you are using already has privilege 15 access?

If the above are true then this error code is related to Bug ID 107500 which is fixed in EOS-4.14.7M so you should not have the issue once you upgrade to EOS-4.14.12M.

Bug Details: It seems that we are trying to authorize the initial privilege level and most likely the username you are using already has been authorized for privilege 15 access.

For any other bugs in EOS-4.14.12M we would suggest you contact your Account Team for assistance. Thx

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