Posted on June 5, 2020 2:29 pm
 |  Asked by Michael
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I’m deploying campus switches without in-band management.  Since removing the management vrf and changing other services to use loopback 0 as the ip source,  TerminAttr streaming status in CVP is inactive.  I re-added the switch with it’s new management IP as it’s loopback 0 in the default vrf.

Is there any option or setting for daemon TerminAttr to use the loopback 0 interface?

Posted by Tamas Plugor
Answered on June 5, 2020 2:41 pm

Hi Michael,

In TerminAttr you can set the -cvsourceip flag to set the source IP address,  theres' no flag to set the interface, however you have two options that you can do.

1) For devices you are onboarding the config is not read from the config builders but from the backend, and you can change the behavior so that when you register the device, CVP will configure the cvsourceip for you based on the IP address that you've input in the registration box. For this you will have to modify /cvpi/apps/cvp/conf/onboardconfig.yaml and change specifySourceIP from False to True

so you should have something like this after your modification

terminAttrBinaryPath: /usr/bin/TerminAttr
- /Sysdb/cell/1/agent
- /Sysdb/cell/2/agent
- ale
- flexCounter
- hardware
- kni
- pulse
- strata
cvCompression: gzip
tailLogs: True
specifySourceIP: True
cvVRF: sampleVRF
ipFix: True
ipFixAddrDomain: default
sFlow: True
sFlowAddrDomain: default

Note that if you have a multinode setup, you need to modify that on all nodes.

After that you need to stop the inventory component and start all

cvpi stop inventory && cvpi start all

Once you have this whatever IP you input in the reg box, that will be used as TerminAttr sourceIP

2) You'll also need to modify the existing Sys_TelemetryBuilderV2 or V3 (if you're using cert based auth)

basically you can make an eAPI call to get the IP on loopback1 and add it to your builder, I have an example on my github page:




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