Posted on December 27, 2016 9:17 am
 |  Asked by alex zacharov
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When i doing command that have a lot of output like “show run”, 

how can i stop the output instead of waiting to all the output to come over?


In other vendors, you can press ctrl+c or ctrl+break to stop the all output.

Posted by John Gill
Answered on December 28, 2016 4:56 am

ctrl + c should stop the command, let us know if you are having trouble with some particular output.

Also note you might want to adjust your terminal length, in order to paginate at a different length: term length <n>


I have a new Arista (7280SR if it mattes) running 4.17.2F. I am new to Arista and just getting familiar. I don’t have all of the network config setup yet and am just doing most of the interaction over the console. I issued the command ”show version license” and it has been dumping license output for a very long time and I anticipate it will be a lot longer before it finishes naturally. No amount of ctrl-C or other common break commands are working to cease the output. As the network is not accessible yet (not configured) I can only access the Arista through the console port where the data is outputting currently. I’d like to not have to power cycle the device to reclaim my console, is there another way?

(Justin Krejci at January 4, 2017 10:32 pm)
Posted by Tamas Plugor
Answered on December 28, 2016 4:35 pm

Hi Alex,

e.g if you issue ‘show run’ it will load a page, by pressing ‘space’ it will load another page and so on until you have the whole output, and you can press ‘q’ to exit anytime.

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