Posted on March 9, 2017 5:47 pm
 |  Asked by Jon Nicholson
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I’m trying to setup a vEOS lab environment in our internal Openstack infrastructure. 

This is what I’ve done so far:-

  1. Uploaded the ABOOT image (Aboot-veos-8.0.0.iso) & the VMDK (EOS-4.18.0.vmdk) to Glance.
  2. Create a volume based on the VMDK
  3. Launch an instance from the ABOOT image with the Volume mapped to the instance:-

nova boot –flavor m1.small \
                 –image <aboot image ID> \
                 –nic net-id=<Neutron Net ID> \
                –block-device id=<Volume ID>,source=volume,device=hdb,dest=volume,shutdown=preserve \

However, the instance hangs after loading the initrd & doesn’t run aboot.

Has anyone tried this / had this working?

Posted by Brad Searle
Answered on March 8, 2018 11:21 pm

In case anyone else comes across this. I was able to get vEOS-lab-4.20.1F-combined.vmdk to boot on Openstack Pike by setting the disk bus format to ide with the following.

openstack image create “veos-4.20.1f”
  –file vEOS-lab-4.20.1F-combined.vmdk
  –disk-format vmdk –container-format bare
  –public –min-disk 20 –min-ram 2048
  –property hw_disk_bus=ide

openstack server create –flavor eos.small
    –security-group <sg-id> –image veos-4.20.1f
    –nic net-id=<net-id> 


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