Posted on July 19, 2016 1:28 am
 |  Asked by Minghan Wang
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Hello, i am quite new to Arista. So i am using Arista vEOS to do some projects. And after finishing one project, i use the “wr” command to save my running configuration. And when i start another new project, the configuration of the previous project is now in my new project. For example, in project 1, i simply changed my hostname to “New”, and saved the configuration. Then if i start a new project using the same device, the hostname is already the name i changed which is “New”. This is not what i want, what i want is whenever i start a new project, the configuration should be set to default settings, and all the configurations saved should only be within the project, not shared by all the project. What did i do wrong? Thanks in advance.

Posted by Alex Feigenson
Answered on July 19, 2016 9:59 pm

Hi Minghan,

If I’m understanding what you’re asking, the easiest thing you can do is issue a ”write erase” and reload the switch. That will wipe the configuration of your vEOS instance.

If you want to backup your project configuration, you can do a ”copy run $backupname_here” and it’ll create a backup file in flash.

Hope that helps,



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