Posted on August 12, 2015 6:30 pm
 |  Asked by Andrew Coleman
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Sorry to dump these into the same post, but it seems kind of a waste to create two separate posts.


1)  Will Aboot-veos-serial-2.1.0.iso ever be “fixed” to work with Qemu? I’ve tested it with qemu 2.2.0, 2.3.0, and 2.4.0-rc4, and it still refuses to boot. I’m sure it works with Virtualbox,  but I rely heavily on Qemu to use these with GNS3.

2) Any chance the icon library will ever offer versions OTHER THAN Visio format? I’d love a .zip file with .svg format icons for use with GNS3. I also avoid Visio (and other MS Office programs like the plague).  I realize every other vendor limits them to Visio sheets as well, so I’ve been complaining to them as well.

Posted by coreyhines
Answered on August 12, 2015 8:12 pm


I am afraid I can only attempt to address the question about stencils. We do also publish Omnigraffle stencils for our platforms. Will those suffice for your GNS3 use case? I am afraid those are the only two formats I am aware of that we have built. Either one may allow you to export as another format like .svg or maybe you can export to a format that will easily convert to .svg. I have not tested this to be sure though. I empathize with your situation, if you do not possess the skill or more importantly the license either may not be a preferred diagramming platform. I used to maintain the Visio stencils for Arista and they are updated for all shipping products. A quick search led me to a tool call vsd2svg, give it or a similar tool a shot against our Visio stencils. If you are a current Arista customer you will find the stencils in the software download section of the support section at

I am assuming also that you are using vEOS, what model of Arista switch were you hoping to use as your GNS3 icon?


Corey Hines

I’m mainly a linux user, so Omnigraffle isn’t available for my platform. Thanks for the heads up about vsd2svg. I wasn’t aware of it.

I was just after any Arista icon to use in GSN3, to differentiate between vEOS instances and the generic Cisco switch icons.

Sadly, I’m not a current Arista customer (even the used switches are well outside my price range), I just use vEOS to learn how to use Arista devices, to make myself more attractive to prospective full-time employers.

(Andrew Coleman at August 12, 2015 9:21 pm)

I found an example of the type of icon I’d love to be able to use in GNS3 for vEOS devices over at graffletopia.

If you look at the icon at the bottom right of that image, the horizontally oriented one that just says Arista would be perfect. vEOS doesn’t really have a model, per se, so something like that in.svg format would be perfect. It’s more for being able to notice at a glance that it’s a different device than a Cisco, XOS, or other switch. Something that looks like actual hardware would just clutter the topology view.

Looks like I’ll probably end up just having to cut out the relevant icon to size, import it as a .png file into inkscape, and then trace it.
GNS3 is just for educational purposes, so needing stencils for production drawings would be overkill.

(Andrew Coleman at August 13, 2015 8:21 am)

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