• How to Collect Wired Packet Capture from an Arista AP via SSH

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This article describes how to collect a wired packet capture via the Ethernet interface of an Arista Access Point.


  • config shell CLI access to the Arista AP


  1. Open an SSH client and log in to the Arista AP config CLI.
  2. Execute the following command to enable the webserver on the device:
    webserver start

    This is required so that the packet capture can be downloaded from the AP using HTTP.

  3. Execute the following command to begin the capture:
    get wired trace

  4. Select the interface. NOTE: Not all APs support the eth1 interface to collect traces.
  5. After the capture completes, a download URL will be generated to extract the file (see image above). The maximum size of this file is 5 MB.

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