• How to install an application

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Applications may be installed on your Arista 7130 device. Application installs will persist across reboots. Applications are installed in /opt/apps when using the install process. Presently, MOS ships with the latest stable version of each of the relevant applications, however if there’s a need to install a specific version of an application, instructions are below.

Installing an application from the CLI

  1. Download the desired software application image as an RPM from the Software Download page. The file will be named something like “application-version.x86_64.rpm” i.e. metamux-0.14.3-1967.x86_64.rpm
  2. Copy the file to your Arista 7130 device. This can be done in a number of ways. One easy one is to use a USB key, but you could use another method:
    [daves@dory ~]$ ssh admin@tad4
    Last login: Mon Jun  2 15:36:19 2014 from
    tad4#copy file:      
    file:           ftp:            startup-config  usb:
    flash:          running-config  tftp:           
    tad4#copy usb:metamux-0.14.3-1967.x86_64.rpm file:metamux-0.14.3-1967.x86_64.rpm

    alternately, via FTP:

    7130#copy ftp://gill/pub/metamux-0.14.3-1967.x86_64.rpm flash:metamux-0.14.3-1967.x86_64.rpm
    230 Login successful.
    RETR metamux-0.14.3-1967.x86_64.rpm
    226 Transfer complete.
  3. Now install the new image on to the installed version of MOS:
    tad4(config)#install app file:metamux-0.14.3-1967.x86_64.rpm

    If the file is in flash or usb, simply prefix with “flash:” or “usb:” rather than “file:”

    Application Versions

    Application versions are shown using the following command, however after an installation of a new application you will need to log out of the current CLI session, then back in again to see the updated version number.

    tad4#show version
    tad4(config)#show ver
    Metamako MetaMux 48
    Serial number: M48-XX-XXXXX-X
    Software image version: 0.12.0
    Internal build ID: 4783
    Applications: metamux-0.14.3, metawatch-0.4.8, netconf-0.6



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