• How to Integrate Cisco Wireless LAN Controller with CloudVision Wi-Fi

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This article describes the steps to integrate Cisco Wireless LAN Controller with CloudVision Wi-Fi.

Wireless LAN Controllers (WLC) govern a collection of Lightweight Access Points (APs). Light Weight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) defines the network protocol between the APs and WLC.

The Cisco Unified WLAN architecture consists of WLC and APs. At any time, the WLC has all the information about the APs and devices seen or associated with these APs.

Integration with Cisco WLC allows the system to fetch this information from WLC. Using this information the system can automatically classify devices managed by WLC and do location tracking of devices seen by LWAPP APs in sensor-less or sensor and AP mixed environment.

Please refer to the Wireless Manager guide and TOI to know the supported Cisco AP Models. The system supports Cisco WLC with AireOS version 4.2.x to 8.0.x and Cisco IOS based devices with Wireless Controller Module.


  • Administrative access to CloudVision Wi-Fi (CVW) and Wireless  Manager (WM)


  1. Log in to CVW, navigate to System > WIPS > WLAN Integration and select Cisco WLC.
  2. Click “Add” to input the WLC details.
  3. Enter the IP address, port number and choose the parameters that are supposed to be imported in CVW. If you are using CVW on the cloud, the WLC should have a public IP address. Or, if the WLC is on a private IP address within your local network you can use Cloud Integration Point (CIP) for connectivity with the Arista cloud.
  4. After adding the WLC, check the connectivity. If the connectivity test fails, ensure that CVW/Wireless Manager is reachable from the WLC and UDP port 161 is allowed. UDP 3852 is required for CIP.
  5. Also confirm that the community string is entered correctly on CVW and the right SNMP version is selected. Check if the Cisco WLC is configured to allow SNMP.
  6. Enable WLC integration. You can add multiple WLC entries. Depending upon the number of devices to be imported, synchronization will take time.
  7. Click Save
  8. All the APs managed by the WLC will be imported into CVW as Authorized APs. The APs will be visible under Monitor > WIPS > Access Points.
  9. By default, the synchronization interval is 30 minutes. You can modify this if required, especially if it becomes obvious that synchronization is going to require more than 30 minutes due to a large number of APs and device details being imported.

An Error status is shown in one of the following cases:

  • One of the configured and enabled Cisco WLCs has a hostname that cannot be resolved.
  • One of the configured and enabled Cisco WLCs is not reachable.
  • System server process has stopped.
  • Internal error (in which case you should contact Arista Wi-Fi Support).

On Wireless Manager you can configure WLC integration by navigating to Configuration > WIPS > WLAN Integration > Cisco WLC.


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