• Tip for Arista vEOS on VMware ESX 6

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Note: This tip was discovered and shared by Sandy Breeze at Claranet


Arista provide the EOS network operating system for test/lab virtual environment under the form of vEOS, either as a VMDK or a SWI (software image to install on an existing vEOS).

With the vEOS VMDK as currently provided, in thin provisioning for saving on the file size, ESX4 and 5 would work fine, but upon booting the vEOS VM under ESX6, it will report “LZMA data is corrupt”,  and “system halted”, despite the image not being corrupted (you could verify the checksum).

This issue may also manifest itself with an error in vCenter similar to the following:

The operation on file “/vmfs/devices/deltadisks/d8a2ef9-EOS-veos-s001.vmdk” failed. If the file resides on a remote file system, make sure that the network connection and the server where this disk resides are functioning properly. If the file resides on removable media, reattach the media. Select Retry to attempt the operation again. Select Cancel to end this session. Select Continue to forward the error to the guest operating system.

When adding the VMDK to ESX6, it treats this as sparse by default, whereas in ESX 5 it is thick.

Converting the vEOS VMDK file from thin to thick would allow it to boot properly in ESX6:

vmkfstools -i vEOS-lab-4.13.8M.vmdk -d eagerzeroedthick vEOS-lab-4.13.8M-thick.vmdk




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